Vista at Dimple Dell is a clinically sophisticated program that helps teenage girls get their lives and relationships back on track. With a careful balance of challenging therapy, rigorous academics, and fun recreational activities, your teen will learn the skills needed for a healthier and happier life.



The Right Fit

Knowing what program is right for your daughter can be difficult. Below are some of the reasons families have chosen Vista.

Shorter Length of Stay

The average length of a young lady's stay at Vista is between 7-10 months, compared to many other residential programs that often keep students for 12-24 months. While we agree that there is some comfort in the idea of a more long-term contained environment, we prefer that students remain in our program for a shorter period of time. An enrollment that is too long can lead to restlessness and complacency in therapy, and this can hinder a young lady’s ability to confidently move forward following treatment. Vista utilizes 14 hours of direct therapy each week so students can't simply fly under the radar or manipulate their way through the program. This results in faster progress that carries over to where it really matters: the real world.

Experienced Staff

Small Campus

There are 16 students on the Dimple Dell Canyon campus. The therapeutic, substance abuse, and academic services are provided by 4 licensed and certified clinicians, 6 certified teachers, and a full time psychiatrist and nurse. This ratio of highly qualified professionals ensures the one on one attention needed to successfully assist each student and their family through the healing process of therapy as well as the rigorous academic expectations. This environment facilitates therapeutic creativity and individualized accomplishment for each student.

Robust Clinical Staffing

Clinical staffing at Vista is substantial. Three of the full-time therapists carry small caseloads of 8-10 clients each, an impressive ratio when compared to the larger individual caseloads generally available at other programs. In addition, Vista employs a full time psychiatrist who meets with every student bi-weekly. This high level of clinical support is what enables Vista to go above and beyond industry norms.