Stansbury Academy

Vista's full service private school is called Stansbury Academy ( With a full time teaching staff and a well-established curriculum, Vista's students get an education that is second to none. College is the unspoken expectation; the majority of Stansbury Academy graduates go on to college, attesting to the value and empowerment these students place in their academic experience at Vista. Stansbury Academy is fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, as well as AdvancED, the nations largest Accreditation body. Stansbury can accept any other accredited schools' transcripts, as well as send their transcripts to high schools and colleges across the country. During a recent school evaluation, the chair of the accreditation committee said, "Stansbury Academy has one of the strongest academic programs for a private school in the state."

Therapy and Academics

There is a fascinating correlation between a student’s academic performance and her progress in therapy. This is illustrated in the fact that students at Stansbury Academy generally progress faster academically during the second half of their stay because therapy has direct positive effects on accountability, motivation, and performance. As your daughter makes progress in therapy, the importance of academic growth is more deeply appreciated and understood. Therapists and teachers work hand-in-hand to address behaviors, concerns, and successes in and out of the classroom.

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